Dear Everdearest

These past few days, you are always in my Timehop. It’s like time is telling me to get in touch with you again. Time is reminding me of the good times we once shared and that I shouldn’t let them go into waste. But, I can’t even write a word to you every time I… CONTINUE READING


You are a post-test I hope I’d pass. An unnecessary heartache I hope won’t last. As I unstuff my life, I hope you’ll be the first one to go. Because you’re hurting me more than you’ll ever know. But, no, I do want you to stay. I’ll just pray for this feeling to go away…. CONTINUE READING

Dear Amare: Part Four

I hope you realize that I am not a complicated girl. I don’t want anything fancy. You don’t have to buy me diamonds or give me the stars. I won’t demand for flowers or anything that sparkles. You don’t have to make poems or write me songs. I don’t need them. I just want to… CONTINUE READING

Dear Amare: Part Three

So, I told myself: “If you will love someone, may I suggest you love yourself?” So, I did. Maybe someday, I’ll learn how to tell you this, “This is where the road ends for you and me. We had a good run though, didn’t we?” That someday is when I unlearn to love you like… CONTINUE READING