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South Korea 2017: Seoul Searching Day Two

Annyeong! So here’s our Korean Adventure Day Two. I must say our second day is the most tiring but it is also the richest in culture. We started our day with the usual free breakfast from our hotel. We had cereals, fried egg and toasted bread. We can only hope that it will sustain our… CONTINUE READING

South Korea 2017: Seoul Searching Day One

Friend: Let’s go to Korea. Me: Okay. The next thing I know, we were already booking our ticket and preparing our requirements to apply for a Korean visa. This is my most impulsive trip so far. I had no idea my friend was serious about it. I just went along. But, one morning of January,… CONTINUE READING

Thailand 2006: First Plane Ride

I was in my third year in college when we were given an option to join a learning caravan in Thailand as a part of our On The Job Training. It will be few hours less from the total hours that we need to accumulate for our internship which means less days of traveling the… CONTINUE READING