Dear Future Lover



Let me sing you a Michael Buble song that best describes my process of waiting for you. This song is just perfect and it gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. It goes like this….

 I know someday that it’ll all turn out

 You’ll make me work, so we can work to work it out

I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get


I might have to wait

I’ll never give up

 I guess it’s half timing, and the other half’s luck

 Wherever you are, whenever it’s right

 You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life

And I know that we can be so amazing

And, baby, your love is gonna change me

They say all’s fair  In love and war

 But I won’t need to fight it

 We’ll get it right and we’ll be united

<3 <3 <3

I don’t know where you are right now or what you are doing or who is with you but I know someday our paths will cross at the right time, right place and right moment. I bet it will be epic. I don’t care if I’ll bump with you in a mall or I’ll meet you at a common friend’s party or you’ll offer a seat in Church or maybe you’ll just accidentally dial my number, the point here is, you’ll meet me and I’ll meet you. “You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.” That will be the start of our happily ever after.

To be completely honest, I am not praying for you. Well, okay, I prayed for you once and I never mentioned it to God since then. I trust His plans and I know He’ll send you to me when my heart is ready and when that time comes I will know that you are the one. There will be no doubts or hesitations or fear. It would be like magic. Timing is everything and our timing will be perfect. By that time, I will let go of all my fears and doubts because I know you will be worth the risk. I will not be afraid to give it a shot and we’ll both be happy.

But, for now, I am still having the time of my life with my family and friends. I don’t think I need you now to be happy. Although I know that it’ll be happier if I have you but let’s just be happier later. I guess I’ll just see you soon and I promise you when that time comes it will be amazing. I just haven’t met you yet but I know you will be worth the wait and one day I will wake up next to you and kiss you good morning and sleep next to you and kiss the day goodbye.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing and whoever is with you, I will just be right here waiting for you. Find me if you can.


Your Future Lover

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