Birth Story: Pio Lorenzo

“If you will not be admitted, you will lose your baby anytime.”

Those were the words of the doctor in the emergency department. Without any sign of compassion, she left me with those words in the observation room.

Ever since I found out about my pregnancy, I would always be threatened of losing my baby. I was bleeding and asked to be on bedrest for the whole duration of my first trimester. Threatened abortion/miscarriage, that’s how they called it. I could still vividly remember those moments whenever I would go to the toilet and see blood despite of being on complete bedrest. I would always cry to the Lord and beg Him to let me keep our baby, for we have prayed and longed for this child for so long. I would always rub my tummy and sing “You’re My Sunshine” to my baby. “You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray. You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” That song became my everyday prayer. Faith and prayers made us through every stage of  my pregnancy.

I was on my 37th week when I went to see my doctor last March 14 for my weekly routine checkup. I could still remember telling my husband that for sure it will be a quick consultation and we can still do our grocery right after seeing my doctor. So yeah, we made plans – grocery shopping after dinner then we’ll come home early to rest because we just moved in to a new house. Right after the ultrasound, I saw the puzzled look on my doctor’s face, “Your baby is not growing inside. He is too small for his age. He is 37weeks now but his size, based on the ultrasound, is just 34 weeks.” He immediately gave me a referral letter and asked me to go to the government hospital as soon as possible for a second opinion. He explained that the government hospital has better facilities and they can check my baby really well. We didn’t waste time and I immediately asked a friend to accompany me because men are not allowed to enter since it’s a hospital for women – that’s how it is in the Middle East. We went straight to the hospital, as we were told; but due to the current pandemic, the hospital imposed the “patient only” policy inside the premises, and so, I had to go alone. They checked my vitals and the baby’s heart rate. They did an internal exam on me as well. Then I was referred to have another ultrasound and lab tests. It was almost midnight. I was so tired. My husband stayed at the parking lot while my friend stayed at the waiting area. After all the tests, I met with the doctor. I was hopeful. She said the baby is small but his heart rate is normal.  Then she handed me a paper. It was another referral. She instructed me to go to the other hospital branch and show that paper to the emergency department. “Recommended for INDUCTION.” That’s what’s written in the paper. My eyes went big and exclaimed, “For induction? You mean I have to give birth?”; and, the doctor confirmed.

Without wasting any time the following day (March 15), we went to the other hospital branch. To my surprise, I was told to be admitted for observation before they proceed with the induction. I half-heartedly agreed to be admitted and told my husband to just go home. I knew it’s gonna be a lonely night.

I was having my routine consultation in a private hospital for two reasons: first, we have a private insurance so we better make use of it; and secondly, some private hospitals allow husbands to be with their wives during consultations, labor, and delivery. For a faint-hearted person like me, I needed my husband to be with me every step of the way. A single prick of a needle would scare me so I had to hold my husband’s hand whenever they would extract blood from me. He’s my strength. So when they told me that I needed to be admitted, I couldn’t believe it. The thought of being alone in the hospital broke my heart. But, I had to set aside what I wanted and secure the safety of my baby. I faced one of my fears, the swab test. I have always dreaded having it. Then, they wheeled me into the room. The first night was lonely, my husband and I only had a videocall while having the dinner from different places. That was the time I realized that I had to face it all alone. Literally alone, no husband by my side to hold my hand in every blood extraction, IV, and injections, let alone labor and delivery. It’s very far from how I pictured it to be. I knew right then that I had to be strong. I discovered a strength I never knew I had. Everything was so uncertain. Doctors would change plans every now and then. At first, they told me if labor will not start, I’ll be induced. Then they told me I have to undergo a High Risk Ultrasound to confirm the condition of the baby. Then after checking my previous ultrasound reports, they told me all was well and I could be discharged the next day. Then they would come back to me and would tell me to proceed with the High Risk Ultrasound again. It was so stressful. The absence of a concrete plan really put me in a lot of emotional stress. I would complain to my bestfriend all the time. She would just tell me that it’s okay so that we can make sure of what’s really happening. Finally on March 16, the nurse told me the good news. She said the doctor already gave me the go signal to be discharged the next day and we could just wait for the natural labor to start. I happily told my husband. I didn’t know what happened but I was not discharged, as I was told. But, still I did not complain. I was looking forward to coming home. I could still unbox our stuff and organize our house since we just moved in and everything was still a mess. Most importantly, I can still prepare for my childbirth mentally, emotionally, and physically. My husband came to visit me during the visiting hours. The only allowed time for visitors was from 12:00 NN to 8:00 PM.

“Hello Pio, if you need to come out, just come out, okay? So you can be with mommy and daddy.” My husband talked to our baby in my tummy. Minutes after, I got out of bed to use the toilet, I felt water running down my legs. Did my water break? I called my husband to check. I didn’t know if I just peed or if my water just broke. My husband immediately called the nurse. Then they conducted a test to know if it’s urine or water. It was water. My water bag just broke. It was 3:40 PM. I asked the doctor what to do next. She told me to just relax and we have to wait for 24 hours to see if my contractions would start. “So, I guess I will not be discharged tomorrow, right?” The nurse just smiled and gave me a yes for an answer.

I spent the whole night of March 16 waiting for contractions. I would rely on my essential oils to help trigger my labor because I really didn’t want to be induced.  The water just kept on gushing down uncontrollably. It was midnight when I noticed that there’s a tinge of blood on my pad. The nurse told me to just relax and sleep. So I did.

The next day, March 17, I could already feel minor but irregular contractions. That’s a good sign; I told myself. It meant I was progressing. I started counting gaps between each contractions. From having contractions every 30 mins, I started contracting every 10-15 mins. The contractions were mild and tolerable. They conducted an internal exam on me and I was told that despite having contractions, my cervix was still closed. So I was told again that if my labor would not start, I have to go for induction at 3:40 PM. We spent the whole time waiting and counting contractions. But, my body failed me. It was almost 4:00 PM and there’s still no sign of labor. They informed me that I needed to go to the induction room. The doctor explained the process of induction, what could happen, and the possibility of my body not reacting to the medicine right away so the induction might take time. They did an ultrasound on me to check if the baby’s head was down before they bring me to the induction room.

I was scared. I’ve been told that induced labor will hurt a lot. But, I knew that that’s my only option at that moment. I talked to my husband and told him to just go home and rest since he cannot be with me. I promised to just update him whenever I can. Before going to the induction room, my husband and I held hands and prayed for everything to go well and for God to give me the strength I needed to endure all the pain. We prayed for our baby who we’ll see very soon. The thought of seeing our baby replaced every fear with joy and excitement. After praying, my husband gave me the tightest hug, we exchanged rosary bracelets so that I could still feel that he’s with me. My husband walked me until the door of the induction room. The moment I got inside, I put on my big girl hat. No time for crying. I knew I gotta do what I gotta do.

The midwife asked me to lie down and she connected me to the machine to monitor the baby’s heartrate. I somehow prepared myself for the pain that I supposed to go through. I didn’t know what to expect so I just prayed for strength to endure whatever was waiting for me. After a while, the doctor came and did an external exam on me. I was surprised when she said that my cervix was already 3 CM dilated. “We don’t need to induce her. She can go to the delivery room now.” I was amazed how God answered my prayer. He spared me from induction.

I was still scared. For a first time mom, I guess childbirth is extra scary. I was introduced to the midwife who would assist me in my delivery. Then she told me to take a shower and lie down on the bed so we can start. I could still remember looking at my baby bump for the last time in the mirror before going out of the bathroom. That made me extra emotional. I couldn’t believe that the baby that I carried for nine months was finally making his way into this world.

So, it was just me and the midwife inside the delivery room. The silence was deafening. I could clearly hear my thoughts. I could loudly hear my heart breaking as I look around the empty room. I wished my husband was there to cheer me up and to assure me that everything’s gonna be alright. Good thing they allowed me to use my mobile phone while on labor. My husband just cheered for me via videocall.

The doctors came to meet me. I was told that only the midwife will be with me. They’ll just do their normal rounds to check how I was progressing. I instantly became friends with the midwife. She’s a nice woman. She asked me about epidural. She gave me two options, either to have it from the start and not feel any labor pain or have it when needed. My husband and I decided to just have it when needed. We were thinking that maybe I could handle a natural birth. Then the midwife told me that if I choose “Epidural when needed”, it would not guarantee that I could have it immediately when I ask for it. I would have to wait for the anesthesiologist to be available and if she was in another operation, I would have to wait. I just thought that the chance of her being in another operation when I would need her was very small. So, Epidural when needed it was.

The contractions started and I was very chill. As I was progressing, the contractions became more and more intense until I could no longer tolerate it. I was crying to my husband while on the phone. I told him I couldn’t take it anymore and I would ask for an epidural. He told me to go for it if it could make me feel better. I told the midwife to call the anesthesiologist. My worst fear happened, the anesthesiologist was in another operation. She told me to wait. “What????” I just exclaimed as the contractions became more frequent and intense. I had no choice but to just cry the pain out and pray that the anesthesiologist would come as soon as possible. I was already in so much pain. The worst pain I ever experienced in my life. It felt like a truck was pressing on my stomach and the pain was all over my body. I just surrendered the pain to the Lord. I would just silently say a Hail Mary as I contracted after every minute. The pain was unimaginably unbearable. I only had the hand of the midwife to hold and press every time I contract.  Unfortunately, I had to wait for 2 long hours before I finally had the epidural. It was an instant relief. I couldn’t thank God enough for epidural. I told my husband who was still on video call that I would just sleep so I could have the energy to push when it’s time. It was almost midnight when we put the phone down and I immediately fell asleep. Two hours later, I could feel the contractions again. “Why am I feeling the pain again? What happened to the epidural?” I asked the midwife. “The contractions are more intense now” she said and handed me a button to press whenever I couldn’t take the pain. She said it would increase the dose of the epidural whenever I press it but I could only press it every 20 minutes. It was around 4:00 AM when the doctors did their rounds and told me that I am already 10CM dilated and I could start pushing. I called my husband again so he could support me as I push our baby out. I knew he was crying as he listened on the other line. It took me a while before I learned how to push correctly. I was looking forward in seeing our baby and for him to be put on my chest right after he comes out. It would be the best feeling for sure. I would hear a lot of “Very good” from the midwife after every push. That gave me so much hope that I was doing the right thing until the doctor came and checked me. “The baby’s position is very high. He’s very far from the pelvis.” he said. Then they asked me to push again and to push really hard. I tried to push as hard as I could. After minutes of pushing, the baby was still high. The doctor told me that we can push for 15minutes more and if the baby won’t come down, they would have to deliver the baby via caesarean section to ensure our safety.

I didn’t want to undergo a C-section. It’s always been our constant prayer to have a normal delivery since I don’t have anyone at home to help me take care of the baby after birth. It will be very hard for us if I won’t recover fast. I was crying to my husband as I told him the possibility of having a C-section. He just told me to just oblige if it’s really needed.

“I need to push this baby out. Please help me.” I begged the midwife. At that moment, my energy was really running low. I was extremely tired.

Fifteen minutes after, the doctor came back and told me that the time was up and they had to perform a C-section.

With tears on my face and with a very devastated look, I told the doctor. “Can you allow me to push for a few more minutes? Please give me more time. Please doctor?”

He looked at me with a very apologetic look and told me “Do you really want to push?” I just nodded. “Okay, let her push for 30minutes more.” He told the midwife then told me “If the baby will not go down, I am sorry but we really have to perform a C-section.”

I couldn’t describe how exhausted I was at that moment. But, I still tried to push. There were times that the midwife would go out and I would be alone in the room pushing as hard as I could. Fifteen minutes later, my energy went down. I knew to myself that I couldn’t push any longer even if I still had time. I was so tired and dehydrated. I would pass out anytime if I would still keep on pushing. So, I just surrendered my desire to deliver normally. I cried and I told my husband that I could do it anymore. Then the doctor came. “Doctor, I surrender. I tried but I failed.” Then the doctor told me what I needed to hear “It’s not your fault. You pushed really strong and good but the baby is not cooperating. It’s okay.” Then another doctor came and noticed that the baby’s heartrate is not good. They all started to panic. It was like a Grey’s Anatomy scene as everyone hurried just so I could make it to the operating room on time. I made it on time and I was surprised when the doctor told me that we could still try pushing and they’ll see if I could have a vacuum assisted normal delivery. But once again, we failed. My body failed me. I was only half conscious. The long labor and pushing took a toll on me. I just closed my eyes and prayed to God for everything to go well.

The next thing I knew, I was already hearing the cry of my baby boy. It was 6:24 AM when Pio Lorenzo came out into this world via Caesarean Section.

The normal skin to skin didn’t happen. He was already cleaned and wrapped when the nurse asked me to open my eyes to look at my baby while the doctors were closing the incision.

“Ma’am, here’s your baby boy.”

The nurse pulled my mask down and put my baby’s face next to mine so I could kiss him. I felt the warmth of his skin. The best feeling ever. My baby may be small but he is a big representation of God’s grace. Tears fell from my eyes before they closed and I passed out. All went well. It was finally done.

It is written in Proverbs 19:21 that “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

It still breaks my heart whenever I think about the five days at the hospital and how things did not turn out the way I planned them. How I labored and gave birth alone in a different hospital, by a random doctor, and via Caesarean section. The total opposite of everything I prayed and hoped for. Looking back at my life now, I realized that nothing really ever turned out the way I wanted them to be. It is completely a humble obedience to God’s will. Truly, God will break our hearts if our plans will break us. Acceptance of God’s will is a process; but, it’s always the best. I am just grateful that God blessed me with a family that I can call my own – a fulfillment of His promise.

I am still in awe at how God turned a threatened miscarriage to a beautiful bundle of joy. I praise Him for showing me the strength I never knew I had. All glory and praises to Him.

Happy One Month, My Love.



The Little Things

I used to picture out love like stars in the sky – shiny and extravagant. I used to believe that it will give us endless and constant butterflies in our stomach. I have pictured a fairy tale kind of love story. I have always been a damsel in distress waiting for a knight in shining armor to save me from the mess I am in. I imagined someone who will give me the moon and the stars in the sky. Who will do whatever it takes to win my heart. Who loves me like I have never been loved before.

I imagined waking up with flowers everyday. I imagined having someone whom I can call anytime of the day when I feel like the whole world is against me. I imagined myself never having to eat alone. I have always thought that it would put an end to my late night emotional breakdown when things get rough. I imagined seeing the world with the most important person beside me. I imagined someone who sees the best in me even at my worst. I imagined everyday reassurance and affirmation that I am doing just fine; that I am enough. I imagined love to be perfect and too big to contain. I have always thought that love’s extravagance will sweep me off my feet and will keep me wanting for more. I have dreamed of my happily ever after even before I met a prince.

I have waited twenty nine long years to get a taste of this thing called love. It was never a priority to me. I was contented with the company of family and friends. I am a strong and independent woman; a princess who wasn’t owned by a prince. I spent twenty nine years of solittude and for a time, I thought that I will never need a man to make my life more meaningful. Until one day, unexpectedly, someone brave enough knocked on my heart’s door and crashed the walls I have built around my heart for the past years of total independence. There he was, smiling the sweetest, his dimples making it a lot more sweeter.

Being new to it made it very challenging. I got a taste of what love is really all about. It’s not a walk in the park. It’s not about smelling flowers. It’s not about being in cloud nine. Butterflies in the stomach aren’t always there but a physically painful heartache is as real as it can be. I spent most nights crying. I have doubted and blamed myself. I have felt love sliding through my grasp. I had let go of it once no matter how much I wanted to keep it.

But love has its own way of finding its way back. Fortunately, God blessed the broken road and lead it back to where it should be.

Though I still secretly long for the extragance of love, I have also realized the warmth little things bring.

I value quality time. A lot. I believe quality time opens the door to more heartwarming moments. Togetherness brings comfort – the feeling of safety. Like nothing can harm you.

I love crashing into my Love’s arms when I am having a bad day.

I love overcoming challenges with him.

I love building dreams with him.

I love being enveloped in his arms. That’s the safest place I would want to be in.

I love reading little notes from him.

I love daily breakfast supply; not the food but the effort he puts in preparing it.

I love it when he holds my hand while he drives and when he kisses it everytime the traffic light turns red.

I love when we sing along together in the car.

I love sharing many good meals with him.

I love it whenever we talk about the future that seems so bright. It makes me wanna travel to the future as fast as I can.

I love it whenever I win over sleep because I know sleep for him is like air. It is essential to life.

I love sitting on the couch with him laughing at the silly things Vice Ganda says.

I love being silly with him and laughing with him.

I love our movie nights.

I love cuddling with him. I am always at peace.

I love seeing our picture as his wallpaper.

I love it whenever he encourages me to do something I believe I can’t.

I love knowing he’s excited to meet my family and friends.

I love how he makes me feel that his family is my family too.

I love how he looks forward in building our own family.

I love it whenever he silence my irrational thoughts and reminds me to have a little more faith in our love.

        I love randome ILOVEYOUs.

I love seeing him happy. I love it whenever he smiles.

I love it whenever he assures me that he will love me despite my double chin and extra belly fat.

I love it whenever he surprises me with my favorite ice cream.

I love waking up to sweet good morning messages even though the sweetest goodnight message from last night is still fresh in my memory.

I love the little things he does for me.

I love every little thing we share.

I love having him around.

I love having him.

I love him.

The little things. The little moments. They are not little. They are truly the big things.

This is the only love I am longing for. Simple but heartwarming, assuring, understanding, accepting. Imperfect but real.

We owe it to the little things.

Lonely Nights

I have experienced a lot of lonely nights in my life. Every lonely night hurts but to a different extent. It is not new to me anymore. I have always thought that I am wired for it.

It was Good Friday. The day Jesus Christ died for our salvation. I went to church for the stations and veneration of the cross. The experience was overwhelming. It is good to be reminded of Christ’s passion just to save us and to show His love for us.

I was seated with a woman who had her hair covered with a scarf, with pale skin, and dark circles around her eyes. It seemed to me that she is a cancer patient. The veneration of the cross was a series of standing up and kneeling down. In the middle of it, she got tired and her deep sighs told me she was in pain. I heard the lady beside her told her to just sit down or just stand up so she will not get tired of moving. That’s what she did. After the communion, as we were silently praying. I can hear her cry silently. She might probably be praying for healing. My heart grew heavy. I can feel her pain and helplessness. “Lord, I am offering prayers for the woman beside me. Please grant her healing, Oh Lord.” I mentioned in my prayer. Oh, the joy of praying for others.

We all have a different cross to carry this season of Lent. It’s just up to us whether we look at it as a burden or to carry them joyfully.

I had another lonely night last night. I was scrubbing the bathroom floor while crying. There was a deafening silence in the room. This might sound too dramatic but I felt like I was abandoned by everyone. I can feel the physical pain in my heart. It was too painful; I had to rub it gently so it would calm down. I tried to divert that pain into tiredness. After doing all the cleaning, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked like a mess. I cried for a few minutes. Washed my face and went back to my room to rest. I was home alone. It was too lonely, I was deafened by the complete silence. It was too quiet I can hear my thoughts.

I consoled myself. I fried an egg for dinner. I usually fall on self pity in times like that but that night I couldn’t be more thankful that I have that sunny side up on my plate. “I feel lonely.” I told my egg. The egg made no response. I just decided to eat it. I may be lonely but atleast I am not hungry.

I switched the lights off my room. I originally planned to reflect for the night but my thoughts are too loud. So I just held on my wooden cross instead. Like I always do whenever I feel down. Hugged it so tight until I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with a heavy heart. The kind wherein you can’t pinpoint which part is hurting. All you know is that a part of it is broken. Shedded a few tears. I wish I can say that it’s just because of the bed bugs’ bite but it wasn’t. It was something else. Something deeper.

I stared into darkness. Evaluated my life. I started to miss home. I just want a hug from my mother. But, no one’s left to hug. I hugged my pillow instead and tried to fall back to sleep. Unsuccessful. But, I am thankful. It gave me the chance to finally reflect. The silence is not deafening anymore; it’s actually comforting. The night is too quiet. I feel like the only person awake and I feel like I have God all to myself. I cried out to God. And though Jesus Christ is dead during that time, I was still able to feel His love. Because hey, He died for my sins.

They say the most beautiful of loves requires the heaviest of sacrifices.

Some has to carry a cross of sickness, just like the woman I sat beside with in church, some has financial difficulties, some has broken relationships, some has problems at work, some has inner struggles they never talk about. The lonely nights are the cross that I have to carry during this season of lent. I have had a lot of it. I was tempted to put my cross down but God’s love sustained me.

We all have to go through our own passion. We all have to die to ourselves just to let others live. We all have to stay in the wilderness (for me, the lonely nights is my own kind of wilderness) so we can experience the joy that comes in the morning. God’s love will pull us through.

I can’t wait for my own Easter.

Thank you, Lord, for the loneliest of nights. It is such a privilege to be hugged by You. I love you. <3

I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

Five months of bliss

Five months of joy

Five months with the best

Out of all the boys

Yes, there were hard times too

Sometimes we barely get through

At times it just gets too tough

But, we always end it with a good laugh

Sometimes we fight for reasons; lame and unknown

But, your loving arms is always my home

In your warm embrace I always find myself

Comforted, relaxed, and safe

Sometimes I watch you sleep

What a special treasure for me to keep

And when the morning comes, I pinch your cheek

I rub your hair, I hug you tight and kiss your lips

It tastes like heaven and I know it’s real

Because our love is the real deal

In this world where nothing is certain

We choose to believe, we choose to love, we choose to be better

Who cares what the future holds

As long as God holds our tomorrow

This I tell you loud and proud, big and bold

We might experience sadness, tears, and sorrow

We might get grumpy, moody, and bored

I don’t mind because I love you with the love of the Lord

HAPPY 5TH, My love.



This is How Letting Go Feels Like

“So, I uttered the serenity prayer, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference…”over and over again until what seemed to be too difficult becomes, not easy, but less difficult.

Sometimes we are put in a confusing situation of choosing between letting go and trying harder. That is one of the hardest decisions we will ever have to face in this lifetime especially if both will cause your heart to break into pieces.

My life has been a series of letting go. Letting go of my pacifier when I was a kid. Letting go of my mother’s hand on my first day of school. Letting go of my comfort zone when I studied away from home for college. Letting go of my youth when I decided to work abroad right after graduation. Letting go of my pride for my first job. Letting go of my hope when my first business attempt failed. Letting go of my dreams when I realized that I don’t have one anymore. Letting go of everything that is beyond my control simply because it hurts. My hand is like a broken vessel where everything just slips away uncontrollably but not surprisingly because I know losing is a part of life and I am wired for it.

I am wired for it but I am tired of it.

Why can’t I just keep them?

I wish I could say that losing things, people, and other stuff taught me a reflective life meaning. But losing those just broke my heart over and over and over and over again. Losing those just made me ask if I am really meant to be happy. Losing those made me wonder how happiness feels like. Because I don’t know how it feels like anymore. But certainly, I know how letting go does.

Letting go feels like a long sleep where you are relieved but still feels tired.

Letting go feels like keeping tears from falling and finally releasing them. You feel lighter but the pain is still there deep down in your heart.

Letting go feels like flying back abroad after a short vacation in your home country. There is a physical pain in your heart, sometimes intolerable, but once you are done with it you will feel liberated and brave just by being able to do it. At the same time, it also excites you of what will happen next.

Letting go feels like having a butterfly riot in your stomach. The butterflies that used to give you a happy feeling now started to fight against each other.

Letting go feels the same or worse than dysmenorrhea. The pain is sometimes unbearable. You just curl up under your sheets and forget about the world outside the four corners of your room.

Letting go feels like a blessing and a curse.

No matter how I find words to describe how letting go feels like, nothing seems to be accurate.

Letting go is relieving but there is one thing I am certain of, letting go hurts.

Letting go is painful. Letting go is hard. But, letting go is inevitable. Letting go won’t kill you (even if it sometimes make you feel like dying) and we all know that what can’t kill you will only make you stronger. Stay alive for the ride.

Letting go made me realize how brave I am.

Letting go made me feel alive.

Letting go made me more prayerful.

Letting go allowed me to put my complete trust in the Lord.

By letting go, I have learned the meaning of full surrender.

As much as I want to keep a grasp of the things that I want to keep in my life, I just opened my hands and let them slip through them. And now, my open hands are ready to receive greater blessings from God who made me let go. The God who provided me grace and courage to let go of things that I badly want to keep. The God who gives and takes away.

I have read somewhere that God won’t give us things that somebody else is supposed to have. God takes away for a reason. It might be painful and hard to understand sometimes but God knows what He is doing. Let go, get out of the way, and let God do what needs to be done. Trust. Have faith. Surrender.

It is only in losing that we gain. We gain better understanding of ourselves. We gain a clearer view of how we want our lives to turn out. We gain more realizations of what deserves a spot in our lives. We gain more self-worth and self-love. We gain more strength and faith.

We only lose what we cling to. If letting go of things, people, and other stuff is the only way to keep them in my life, I am willing to go through the pain. The pain and the fear of uncertainty. The pain of longing for what was once constant in my life. The pain of seeing my high hopes stumble down and die. The pain of seeing my broken walls that seem to be irreparable. The pain of seeing myself that I can’t recognize anymore. The pain of seeing my future that used to be so clear becomes hazy. The pain of not recognizing happiness anymore. The pain of realizing that what was once a reality is now a memory. The pain of losing myself. The pain of missing things and people. The pain of feeling like I could never be the same again. The pain of dealing with anxieties. The pain of the aftershock of letting go. I realized that I don’t really fear letting go, it is the “what could have beens” that I fear. The act of letting go is painful enough, nobody wants to deal with what comes after that.

But then, there is God. A God who never lets go. A God who makes letting go bearable. A God who listens, answers, and saves. A God who empties us so we can be filled again. Let us trust the process.2017-05-09

In His Time

I prayed and God listened.

I prayed and God talked to me.

He calmed my heart as if telling me to be still. He reminded me and assured me that His plans and ways are perfect. He will guide me through anything. He will unfold His plans slowly and perfectly.

He will eliminate all the fears and replace it with excitement, joy, and peace.

When we pray, God opens our hearts to greater possibilities until our doubts slowly fade away.

When you start doing things in God’s way, surrender to His will, and you trust His timing, you’ll be surprised to where God can lead you. After all, He is a God of surprises. He will do things for you. Just let Him. He will enlighten you. He will make things happen…in His time.

While waiting for His time, just serve Him joyfully in whatever way you can. Anticipate good things. Look forward to better things. Wait patiently. Be sensitive to what He is trying to tell you. Trust that He will make things happen.If something is true and meant to happen, it will come, it will happen effortlesstly.

Most of all, pray without ceasing. Pray to God as if you are talking to your best friend. Offer your fears and hesitations to Him. He understands and He won’t judge. Do not hide anything from Him. Tell Him everything.

Prayer will be your armor when doubts cloud your heart and mind. You will find comfort in praying. Receive God’s warmest hug through prayer. Let God meet you in your prayer time. He will tell you what to do. Listen and you will never be afraid again. The fear that you once knew can never control you. Your heart will be at peace and when your heart is at peace, you’ll know that God is making it happen.

Take small steps. Follow where God commands you to go; for anywhere God leads you is worthy. When you get there, you’ll find God with open arms. He will hug you and He will tell you:

“I love you, child. I love you enough to lead you here.”

Joyfully Waiting,

High Standards In Love

A video of Filipina actress Jodi Sta. Maria, went viral on social media. She said,

“We should never apologize for having high standards in love, because the right man, or the man who really wants to be in your life will rise up to meet those standards.” – Jodi Sta. Maria

How did Jodi know what I was thinking? She picked the right words to explain it well and I hope people understood it very well. It could not have been said better.

Most of us experienced playing with Barbie and Ken and at a very young age, we were exposed to the idea of love. I grew up playing with “The Sims” as well and have watched my Sims build their own home and family. Since then, I have dreamt of having my own family someday. I have pictured it out in my head the kind of wedding I would have and the kind of home I would build. I carried those wedding fantasies in my head as I grow older.

Now that I am at a marrying age and when all my friends and cousins are getting engaged or married, people would  ask me all the freakin’ time how come I am not married or why I am not in a relationship. It is actually tiring to explain everytime someone would ask. Truth is, I think I don’t really have to explain myself to anyone. But for their own peace of mind, I always try to. But still, some people have made their own conclusions. Some would say maybe I have high standards or that I am choosy. Some would make speculations such as maybe I am a man hater or worse, I am a lesbian. They talk about it as if being one is a crime and as if they know you so well. I would tell them that none of those is the reason to why I am still single. They wouldn’t believe me, and would start telling me things like “You are not getting any younger.”, “It will be hard for you to give birth after 30.”, “You have to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with.” and the list goes on as if they are trying to scare me so that I would settle down right away. As if it is that easy.

Who doesn’t want to find someone who they can spend the rest of their life with? To have that constant person that you can annoy and love for the rest of your days or atleast someone to cuddle with on rainy days. Who doesn’t want cute mini versions of themselves? Who doesn’t want to have that wonderful wedding and an even wonderful Christ-centered marriage? I never know anyone who never prayed for these. It is everyone’s heart’s desire.

But, God delays the love story of some sometimes. Good thing or bad thing; Only God knows. Sometimes He delays it because we are yet to accomplish a different mission in life first before He gives us away to the man He prepared for us. Sometimes He delays it to save us from the wrong one. Sometimes He delays it until we realize who we really are and what we want to do. He delays it for a reason. Someday, everything will make sense. All I know is He delays it for our own good. We may not understand it or there will be days that we might find it hard to wait for God’s time that sometimes, we would do things our way. We will refuse to take the narrow gate and we will start making our own decisions and moves. We will start taking advantage of the free will that has been given to us. Chances are we will have our hearts broken. And when we end up heartbroken, we will turn to God like a child and would pray for the heartaches to go away. Do not be deceived by the earthly gifts people offer you or the flowery words that they feed your ear or by different ways that they try to impress you. Sure, having those romantic dates and having someone to have and to hold sound like a good idea; But, a wrong person will always be a wrong person. Be careful who you give your heart to.

In Proverbs 19:21, it says: “Many are the plans in man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”. God promised us a future that is full of hope.God never breaks a promise and only God has the power to fulfill this promise. You can fall in love to the next guy who will tell you he likes you or the first guy who will give you butterflies in your stomach; You can fall in love with your dream guy but if your dream guy is not God’s guy, he will be just like any other guy. Never rush. Trust God’s timing. Do not listen to what the world tells you. Just keep praying for it. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4).

Do not be bothered if they criticize you for having high standards or if they question your stand in love. None of them matters. At the end of the day, it will be God who will tell you to open your heart because He has sent the one. He knows you are ready. You’ll know it, not by having butterflies in your stomach or a huge smile plastered on your face. God will unfold His plan for you in the most amazing way. (Thinking about it makes me look forward to the future.)

May we find the joy in waiting for that magical moment and not be affected by the opinions of the world. While waiting, may we learn to pray more, hope more and to love more. May we focus on understanding ourselves and in preparing ourselves to be the best person to the person that God will give us as His precious gift. May we look forward to our love story that is not forced; a love story that is written by the author of all. In Nikki Gil’s words “gradual but consistent”.

I once asked an officemate, “Kuya, paano mo ba malalaman if nakita mo na si The One?” (Brother, how would you know if you have found The One?). His answer left me astonished. “Basta dapat yung mamahalin mo, yung mas mahal si Lord kesa sayo.” (If ever you will love someone, you should love someone who loves God more than you.) Because a guy who loves God more than you will always put God first and a guy who puts God first will be scared to hurt you.

Now ladies, this I tell you. Your standards are high not because you want a guy with a good job, a fat bank account, a luxurious car, good looks and a good body. Your standards are high because you pray for a guy who loves God more than anyone, a guy who prays with/for you, a guy who serves God with you, a guy who believes that you are a precious gift from God. A guy who treats you like a precious jewel because he believes that nothing can be compared to you. A guy who waited joyfully on the Lord just like you. A guy who can maintain a good conversation with you. A guy who can make you smile without you knowing it. A guy who doesn’t have to try hard just to impress you. A guy who have learned to love their mother before he decides to love any girl. Whoever thinks that these are high standards are probably those whose standards are low. So, never apologize for having high standards. Because  one day, you will be thankful that you have set your standards according to God’s promises to you.


If I will be asked again why I am still single, it is not because I am choosy or because noone has the courage to tell me they like me; It is because God is still preparing both of us to be the “perfect” person for each other.

I strongly believe that someday, I would wake up and watch the sunrise next to the guy who don’t just gives me butterflies in my stomach, but with the guy who who will stand by me and pray with me until the sunset of our lives. I know he is just somewhere out there waiting for God’s go signal too. Once the light turns green, we’ll find our way to each other. For now, I will focus on my journey of knowing God more, of having God in my heart so whoever loves me has to find God first in order to win my heart. <3

I am God’s princess after all.

Much love,


Most days go by like any other day. But there are days – like Valentine’s Day- when people focus so much on looking happy. They focus so much on hearts, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, cards and other surprises and sweet nothings just because it is heart’s day. The day when people expect the whole town to be painted in red. When everybody is pressured to look happiest showing off the bouquet of flowers which they received from their significant others on every social media account they have. When most single people feel a little pinch in their hearts whenever they look at their flowerless selves in the mirror and whenever they see happy couples anywhere.When supermarkets run out of chocolates and flowers to sell just because people think that is what that day is all about.

My friends and I went out to eat right after the mass; Restaurants are packed with people. It is good to see representations of love everywhere. Romantic love, love for family and in our case, love for friends. I remember a friend praying before we eat telling that God’s love is enough for us even if we are *chokes a little* single. Then I had a flashback of previous Valentine’s Days. I never really experienced anything romantic on any Valentine’s Day of my life. I never woke up with a bouquet of roses on my table; I never had a surprise Valentine date; I never received a box full of my favorite chocolates or got serenaded with heartwarming songs. I never got excited for Valentine’s Day but I never got sad either. Why would I be sad? Why would I feel sorry for myself? Every Valentine’s Day of my life, I am always surrounded with love from people who love me more than a lover can. Yes, I won’t be a hypocrite and deny the fact that sometimes I wonder how it feels like to experience stuff that other people experience on that day. Sometimes I daydream about waking up with little surprises from someone who loves me; I daydream about cuddling in bed watching RomComs or just keeping the TV open but not really caring about it because cuddling is enough. But, just because this isn’t happening doesn’t mean that my days are meaningless. I mean, I am okay with how I spend my Valentine’s Day. I still feel loved anyway. In fact, this year’s Valentines has been awesome because I have awesome people in my life that even if a hand drawn flower on a post it note and sweet candies are all I got, they are enough to paint a smile in my heart.

In our community, we call our significant others “GG” which stands for God’s Gift and I strongly believe that it is called God’s Gift for a reason. From its literal meaning; a gift from God. Back in 2006, I remember writing a blog post about solitude and how not having a boyfriend doesn’t affect me. Ten years later, here I am now, writing this and staying true to my words. As much as I would love to have one at this point in time, I can still enjoy my solitude. I still have no problem doing things for myself, on my own. I have no problem not receiving goodmorning/goodnight messages with all the romantic emoji’s. I have no problem not having someone to tell me i love you in the most random time of the day because I know that no matter what’s going on, I am loved. I still don’t think that it’s sad to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. It doesn’t make me less of a person just because of my relationship status. There are lonely days but it is not a lonely life. Love is not something we can wish from our fairy godmother and will be ours once she waves her magic wand. People nowadays focus so much on this. It bothers me how some people made romantic love as something that could make their existence complete. Don’t get me wrong, I also believe that love is a wonderful thing and everybody has the right to experience it; the butterflies in the stomach, the sleepless kilig nights and the natural glow of being in love. The joy of finding The One. The joy of receiving God’s gift. The gift that we prayed for.

But, what if despite our best effort and relentless prayer, we might not receive that precious gift? let alone end up with the man/woman of our dreams? Would that be okay? For this I pray; I pray that we can all let go of the part of us that forces romance to happen. I wish we can have fun like we used to in our favorite places without overthinking that maybe The One is just around the corner.I pray that we can silence the part of us that tells us that (romantic) love is all we need. I pray that we can learn to love ourselves instead of being too hard on ourselves because we don’t have that special someone until now. I pray that we can overcome pressure from people that tell us that we’re too old so we have to settle. I wish we can prove to everyone that being single is way better than being in a miserable relationship and I wish that by doing that, we fall in love slowly, deeply, passionately and gently with ourselves. I pray that we can ignore the little voices in our head that tell us that we are not enough or that something is wrong with us. I pray that we will be okay while waiting for God to deliver His gift. I pray that we will find joy, hope and patience in waiting because, I assure you, it will be worth it.

Love has become so underrated these days. Love slowly becomes a status symbol. I still believe that love is not measured by the butterflies in our stomach or the number  of roses we get on special days. Our relationship status on Facebook does not define us. Love is already planted in our hearts. We just have to let it bloom on its most perfect time; in God’s time. Love is not generic. Love comes in all forms. Let’s undo the times that we thought that love is everything. Let’s be the best version of ourselves while waiting for God’s best. Let God prune you and prepare you to be the right person someone deserves. And in the process of waiting, please know that you are also worth the wait.



Eleven Words

Eight Words, one sentence cured a multiple wound of loneliness inside me. One night, one moment made me forget about the darkness that envelopes me.

Tree Words, one sentence made my heart smile more than usual. Three words, one sentence, it is so good it hurts.

Eleven words, two sentences, made my heart fly to the moon. Eleven words, two sentences, it makes me smile and cry at the same time. Eleven words, two sentences, so meaningful yet painfully read. Eleven words, two sentences, one is saying hello but the other is saying goodbye.



You are a post-test I hope I’d pass.

An unnecessary heartache I hope won’t last.

As I unstuff my life, I hope you’ll be the first one to go.

Because you’re hurting me more than you’ll ever know.

But, no, I do want you to stay.

I’ll just pray for this feeling to go away.

You are a post test.

And you leave me restless.