Wedding Reception Venue Booked: Traveler’s Hotel and Event Center Subic

The major expense of all our wedding expeses is the Reception Venue. This is something that we honestly weren’t able to consider when we booked the church. Subic in the world of weddings only means one thing: Expensive. It is somehow considered a destination wedding since it will be held in a famous tourist place…. CONTINUE READING

Hey, winner!

        To anyone whose goal is to bring joy into people’s lives or to at least just remind people to be joyful all the time. To anyone who knows how to choose when to fight and when to put down the sword and back down for a while. To anyone who believes… CONTINUE READING

Love a Girl Who Writes

Love a girl who writes. She can take you to many places. She can live your million dreams. She can enjoy your silence. She will always hear your words. Love a girl who writes. She writes because you exist. She knows you deserve all the best words and she will use them all for you. She can read you even if you… CONTINUE READING

Dear May

May is the month of meaningful exhaustion. Sleepless nights. Real Talk. Stories over coffee. Waking up in the morning struggles. Unplanned taxi rides. Writing frustrations. Unorganized Thoughts. And everything in between. Sometimes, you just ask yourself if it is all worth it. You don’t have an answer. But, a little voice inside you says… “Enjoy… CONTINUE READING