Hello, friend!

I am Erika Paulette Dela Cruz. I have a lot of things in mind most of the time and this blog is my outlet. I write for the sake of writing. It keeps me sane. I have been keeping a blog ever since I can remember but this time, I decided to take it into a different level. Thanks to my web developer friend who made this possible and all other people who helped me put this blogsite up. You see, I have always believed that a good relationship is a good investment. I wouldn’t be able to do it without others’ help. This is a reflection of my chaotic heart and mind.

I am currently working in Doha, Qatar. An expat who is trying to cope with life’s punches. My experiences of living abroad transformed me into an independent woman who dreams of living a life that is full of magic in the smallest of things. I have always dreamed of touching someone’s life. I am so inspired to inspire. For a time, I lost the ability to dream but this blog is a dream come true and I started dreaming again. May this blogsite serve its purpose.

I love to eat. I love cafés with calming interiors. I would love to open one someday.
I am an extreme kind of person. Sometimes, I just want to curl up under the blanket and shut the world down but most of the time, I am all over the place. I am a naturally happy and outgoing person but just like everyone, I have my bad days too. I am a little too complicated.
I would love to travel the world someday. I want to travel as much as I can but, oh well, I have different priorities for now. But, I try to travel whenever I can and whenever my bank account allows. Haha!

I appreciate kindness and thoughtfulness. I am not into anything extravagant. I love spending time with people. Quality time is my love language. I love listening to people’s stories. I am always amazed by people’s life experiences. I always enjoy a conversation that is full of wisdom and lesson. Perhaps, your story will be next?

Welcome. Please feel free to stay.

With the love of the Lord,

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