You and I

I said I don’t want you

I said there’s nothing there

I said what I said isn’t true

I said I never really cared

You said God gave me to you

I said I don’t believe you

You said your universe revolves around me

I said stop joking with me

You said you love me

I said I love him

Your touch confuses me

I keep longing for him

You were looking at me the entire time

The entire time I was wishing he’s mine

When I try to find him, you always block the view

Showing me things you wish I knew

Finally, I realized that he’s not worthy

So I went running back to you

But, you no longer want me

‘Coz you realized that I’m not worthy of you

I’m too proud to beg you to stay

So I just let you walk away

My heart turned black and blue

I lost him and worst of all, I lost you

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