Thailand 2006: First Plane Ride

I was in my third year in college when we were given an option to join a learning caravan in Thailand as a part of our On The Job Training. It will be few hours less from the total hours that we need to accumulate for our internship which means less days of traveling the busy streets of the city as we get a taste of what it feels like to be in the “real world”. So, my classmates and I applied for a passport and went for it. The next thing we knew, we were flying to Thailand.

As a kid, I have always wondered whether you can touch the clouds or see the star up close when you ride an airplane so I was really looking forward to see what happens up there. It was my first time to ride an airplane. It’s a bit disappointing discovering that clouds above are just smokey stuff that makes everything hazy. Nevertheless, I still felt like I was in cloud 9. For a first timer, my heart was full of excitement as I waited for our landing to the first ever country that I will visit, Thailand.

We were warmly greeted by tour guides with garlands. It was hotter that I had expected. We went straight to the Golden Buddha Temple where we saw the big Buddha that is said to be made out of gold. We grabbed a fresh buko (coconut) juice to quench our thirst. That was our first purchase and it was worth it.


Since it was a learning caravan, tourist spots were never in our itinerary and because we were Communication Arts students, most of the places that we visited were schools and TV stations. We visited the Bangkok University with amazing TV production facilities and an equally amazing campus. They have a huge TV Production studios inside the campus. They are using Apple computers and their students produce amazing outputs. Their campus is so big that we even needed to ride a bus to go around the campus. Not to mention their own 7eleven inside the school campus. And to end our visit, we had the chance to dance their traditional dance with some of their students. It was an amazing experience.

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Then, we went to visit their TV stations. We were also greeted friendly by the staff. We even had the chance to go on air in one of their morning shows. It was a fun experience.

Once our business was done, we explored what the city has to offer. We managed to visit their malls, the night market, the Grand Palace, the Gem Factory and other attractions. We were also able to taste authentic food from Thailand, and ride the infamous Tuk-tuk.

We didn’t have enough time to visit well known tourist spots such as the Elephant Nature Park and the Floating Market in Bangkok but I still consider this trip a fun trip simply because, no matter what’s happening, my friends and I were able to have fun despite our misadventures even if it means just staying inside the hotel room and taking lots of selfies.

This concluded my Thailand trip. I lost most of my photos but the memories created will always be remembered. Yes, even the unfortunate ones which I didn’t mention in this post.


Perhaps, when I visit Thailand again, I will really find time to experience their wonderful culture. This one is definitely on my list. <3



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