Dear Mirage

It was the longest journey I have ever traveled. Yet, traveling with you made it the shortest.

I wished the road was endless even if it leads nowhere.

It was the shortest affair I’ve ever had. But, in that short moment I experienced forever.

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities, John Green said.

I tried to make it last as much as I can.

In that moment, I swear I was infinite

But, it’s over before I knew it.

Dear Amare: Part Four

I hope you realize that I am not a complicated girl. I don’t want anything fancy. You don’t have to buy me diamonds or give me the stars. I won’t demand for flowers or anything that sparkles. You don’t have to make poems or write me songs. I don’t need them.

I just want to cuddle. Talk. Fall in love. Eat cotton candy flavored ice cream (cookies and cream would be good,too.) Back pack our way to infinity and beyond. Gaze at the stars and make a wish. And, mark you with a red lipstick as I whisper “you’re mine” as you envelope me with your loving arms. I swear, I’ll never feel safer anywhere else but there.

That’s all I need. You’re all I need.