Dear Thirty Something Me

Well, hello there! How are you businesswoman? I bet the business is doing great because you have been very busy lately. Am I right? Keep it up, girl! I know you’ve always wanted to be your own boss. You deserve all the blessings you are getting. Brace yourself, free your hands because more blessing are… CONTINUE READING


Why do I have this feeling that I am about to lose you soon? Why do I have this extensive amount of fear deep in my heart? I feel like life will find a way to tear as apart. I feel like we don’t have much time left to be together. Where is this fear… CONTINUE READING

Note To Self

Hey! I know I just normally write to you on your birthday or when it’s a start of a new year. But, on a normal day like this, I decided to write you a letter. Out of boredom, maybe. Or I just thought you need to hear from me now. Perhaps you’re in need of… CONTINUE READING

Stop Light

Thank you for making everything last longer. Thank you for giving people more time to exchange comforting hugs. Thank you for giving people more time to talk. Thank you for giving people the chance to have last minute goodbyes. Thank you for everything. Thank you for a few more minutes of happiness. Thank you very… CONTINUE READING