You are a post-test I hope I’d pass. An unnecessary heartache I hope won’t last. As I unstuff my life, I hope you’ll be the first one to go. Because you’re hurting me more than you’ll ever know. But, no, I do want you to stay. I’ll just pray for this feeling to go away…. CONTINUE READING

The Rebirth of Summertime Sadness

Can you feel it? The burning sensation of the summer heat? It’s exciting and alarming all at once. It causes my heart to beat faster than usual remembering that one summer in my life. That summer that is different from any other summer. That summer when the heat burned twice as much or even more; because it… CONTINUE READING

Love and Other Fears

It was clear. I am afraid to love. Not just to love, but to love him. He is  so fragile, so delicate so lost yet so good to be true. Maybe he is broken, or maybe not. Maybe he just carries something deep inside, that people, even himself, do not understand. I am afraid to… CONTINUE READING

Dear Mirage

It was the longest journey I have ever traveled. Yet, traveling with you made it the shortest. I wished the road was endless even if it leads nowhere. It was the shortest affair I’ve ever had. But, in that short moment I experienced forever. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities, John Green said. I tried… CONTINUE READING