In His Time

I prayed and God listened. I prayed and God talked to me. He calmed my heart as if telling me to be still. He reminded me and assured me that His plans and ways are perfect. He will guide me through anything. He will unfold His plans slowly and perfectly. He will eliminate all the… CONTINUE READING

High Standards In Love

A video of Filipina actress Jodi Sta. Maria, went viral on social media.Β She said, “We should never apologize for having high standards in love, because the right man, or the man who really wants to be in your life will rise up to meet those standards.” – Jodi Sta. Maria How did Jodi know what… CONTINUE READING


Most days go by like any other day. But there are days – like Valentine’s Day- when people focus so much on looking happy. They focus so much on hearts, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, cards and other surprises and sweet nothings just because it is heart’s day. The day when people expect the whole town… CONTINUE READING

Eleven Words

Eight Words, one sentence cured a multiple wound of loneliness inside me. One night, one moment made me forget about the darkness that envelopes me. Tree Words, one sentence made my heart smile more than usual. Three words, one sentence, it is so goodΒ it hurts. Eleven words, two sentences, made my heart fly to the… CONTINUE READING