Let’s Drink to That

“Cheers to the great people we already are and to the great people we will be!”

My friends would always utter these words before taking the first sip of our favorite drink. For some reason, it sets our mood and it makes us want to celebrate no matter what is going on in our lives. It is a common habit to talk about anything under the sun over a cup of coffee or any drink. The main purpose of Cafe’s and Restaurants is to bring people together so they can catch up. Over the years, I have been to countless cafes and restaurants. I couldn’t even pick a favorite. My friends and I love to try out different cafes. Though I have a staple drink in every cafe I visit, and I am really a fan of matcha. I still make it a point to try different drinks from time to time. Here are some of my favorite drinks.

1. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Ice Blended Matcha Green Tea

This is an all time favorite. One of my comfort drinks. The matcha flavor is just right. Plus, it is mixed with Soya that makes it even better. I usually get this during my Me-Time. I can have this all day everyday.

2. Argo Tea – Iced Matcha Green Tea

Here’s another favorite. Instead of the usual hot tea. I would rathe have my matcha drink cold. Argo Tea’s matcha green tea is perfect to my taste.

3. Orange Cafeteria and Restaurant – Avocado Shake

No, this isn’t matcha again. I have been looking for the perfect avocado shake in Doha ever since I can remember. I have tried different juice stalls and restaurants all over the place but can’t find the one. But, this small cafeteria inside Quality Hypermarket called Orange Cafeteria’s avocado shake is surprisingly good with a very reasonable price. A delicious avocado shake in an orange cafeteria, isn’t that ironic?

4. Al Mandarin – Mandarin’s Special

This is our first time to order this one. We thought it might be really special and it deserves a try. It did not fail us. This drink is packed with different fruity and creamy flavors topped with different kind of fruits that leaves you thrilled. This smoothie would make your stomach full that you don’t even have to pair it with a sandwich. And we got a bonus funny waitress that kept us entertained.


5. Bubbles & Boba – Taro Milkshake

We were in a mall when my friend started craving for a milkshake. We’ve been hearing about Bubbles & Boba so we gave it a try. We asked the staff to recommend their best seller and she recommended Taro milkshake and Buko Pandan. My friend got Buko Pandan and I went for the Taro Milkshake. I made the right choice. No regrets. The creamy taste of Taro is perfect. It’s a little bit costly thought. Glad I got it for free. Thanks to my friend.

6. Max’s Restaurant – Buko Pandan Shake

 Max’s is one of the all time favorite Filipino restaurants. People endured long lines when it first opened here. I recently went with my family. I usually order their Buko Pandan dessert but this time, I decided to order the drink instead. The coconut taste is natural. I really have this thing for white colored drink and food so it added to my delight. This one makes me want to go back home and pick buko (coconut) from our tree in the backyard. It has a fresh pandan leaf, too,

7. Meesh Cafe – Oreo Milkshake

Your childhood isn’t complete if you never tried twisting, licking and dunking an oreo cookie in a glass of milk. Worry no more. Meesh Cafe blended your favorite oreo cookie with milk. I used to order the usual strawberry milk shake or iced chocolate from Meesh but that one particular afternoon, I was feeling down and I needed an extra comfort so I tried their oreo milkshake. It cheered me up instantly. I might have this again when I visit my favorite Me-Time Cafe.


8. Caribou Coffee – Iced Chocolate Drink

This simple drink never fails to satisfy me. I don’t care even if people say that I can do this at home. That this is just like Milo or Ovaltine. There’s something in this chocolate drink that boosts my mood. And, I love the color of their straw and their plastic cup with life quotes written on it. Plus, it is a lot cheaper than other beverages on their menu.


9. Dairy Queen – Strawberry Milkshake

Whenever you find me inside DQ, you will only see me sipping one thing – strawberry milkshake. This has been comforting me for years now. Aside that it is pink, I love the fact that it has a balanced taste of strawberry and cream. Just perfect. I only visit DQ for this.

10. Luxe Lounge Westin Hotel – Lychee Cooler

It tastes like any other lychee drink except that it is cooler. Know why? Because it’s blue. This is perfect for a hot summer weather. It’s so refreshing you can’t stop sipping.

The list continues next time when I try something new.

Hoping to share a drink with you in the future.


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