Have You Ever

Have you ever experienced having a tremendous amount of pain in your heart? Like the world suddenly fell on your shoulders. Like a gun shot. And that feeling of being infinite suddenly ended…just like that. Right there. At that very moment and you’re caught unprepared and you didn’t know what to do or how to put yourself back together. You felt like crying but struggled so hard not to burst out so you ended up breaking your own heart and no one knows why.

Have you ever lost a favorite toy and found it again after a long time? It was the same toy but it felt totally strange when you tried to play with it again. But. you still tried hard to have the feeling back.

Have you ever reunited with an old pet dog that you missed so much but was terribly ill so you had to let go of him after the reunion?

Have you ever wanted something back? Something that you knew you couldn’t have.

Have you ever fooled yourself that it’s gonna be okay when you know in your heart that it will never be okay. Ever.

Oh yes . That’s when you told me that you’re leaving and not coming back. Because sometimes what holds you together and what holds you apart are the same things. I wish I never knew you but I’m really glad I did.


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