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Dear May

May is the month of meaningful exhaustion. Sleepless nights. Real Talk. Stories over coffee. Waking up in the morning struggles. Unplanned taxi rides. Writing frustrations. Unorganized Thoughts. And everything in between. Sometimes, you just ask yourself if it is all worth it. You don’t have an answer. But, a little voice inside you says… “Enjoy… CONTINUE READING

Dear Self

You can do it. You can find the right words. You can write something. Come on. Concentrate. Write about your sleepless nights. Write about snoozing your alarm every morning. And jumping out of bed because you are late for work. Write about your battles in the silent chambers of your soul. And how you try… CONTINUE READING

Praying Friends

“I need the prayers of those I love while traveling on life’s rugged way; That I may be true and faithful and live for Jesus everyday.”- Vaughn I was told before that the best kind of friend is a praying friend; which I have proven to be true.