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That Friday was one of the most exhausting Fridays I’ve had so far since 2016 started. I went straight to an activity right after a sleepover; which isn’t really a sleepover because I didn’t sleep. I was half awake the whole night trying to put myself to sleep while trapped inside a blanket between my… CONTINUE READING

Thailand 2006: First Plane Ride

I was in my third year in college when we were given an option to join a learning caravan in Thailand as a part of our On The Job Training. It will be few hours less from the total hours that we need to accumulate for our internship which means less days of traveling the… CONTINUE READING

“I AM”

“Lord, in times of doubt, please assure me.” I uttered while Iying in bed last night. Just like the other days, I felt a little bit down and quite doubtful last night. I don’t know if I am just plain tired and unmotivated but little voices in my head are whispering some words of doubts; Telling… CONTINUE READING


August has been a month of testing my limits; checking how far I can go. I came to a point that I am physically, emotionally and even spiritually weak. I made myself believe that all is well. But, it wasn’t. There have been days that I have to drag myself out of bed. Opening my… CONTINUE READING


Kenosis – ‘self-emptying’ of one’s own will and becoming entirely receptive to God’s divine will. “Do you think I could be depressed and not know it?” I told my best friend. “Maybe you’re just unhappy; not depressed. If you feel depressed, it’s okay to ask for help. I think it’s about time you address it.”… CONTINUE READING