The Day My Father Cried

My father and I don’t really have a mushy relationship. We rarely say ‘I love you’, we don’t exchange hugs and kisses, we don’t sit on the porch and talk about life. In fact, I rarely call him when I’m abroad. But, we have this special connection that only a father and a daughter have…. CONTINUE READING

From The Heart To The Heart

I am usually the one who writes letters to people but, this time, someone sent a letter to me and it totally melted my heart. Dear Erika Paulette, It is amazing how you handle your every days. I can’t imagine how hard you are going through right now but I am amazed how you compose… CONTINUE READING

Dear 2013 Version of Myself

How are you? I am so glad I finally had the chance to write to you. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know it is eight days late but it doesn’t matter. I would like to pat your back for a job well done. You survived 2013. You survived one long year of not being home. A… CONTINUE READING


What’s going on? What’s wrong with you? Why are you feeling down since Sunday? I thought attending the mass and having a quiet moment in the Adoration Chapel will help you get over that mountain of emotions you’re trying to overcome? But why are you still like that? Do you think it’s still normal to… CONTINUE READING