Birth Story: Pio Lorenzo

“If you will not be admitted, you will lose your baby anytime.” Those were the words of the doctor in the emergency department. Without any sign of compassion, she left me with those words in the observation room. Ever since I found out about my pregnancy, I would always be threatened of losing my baby…. CONTINUE READING

Doctor: You Might Be Covid19 Positive

“I think you should call 16000 and ask if you can be tested.” The doctor told me after telling him how I feel. Anxious. I tried to defend myself as he asked his nurse to give him a pair of gloves and a face shield before he examines me. That day, I went home more… CONTINUE READING

Wedding Reception Venue Booked: Traveler’s Hotel and Event Center Subic

The major expense of all our wedding expeses is the Reception Venue. This is something that we honestly weren’t able to consider when we booked the church. Subic in the world of weddings only means one thing: Expensive. It is somehow considered a destination wedding since it will be held in a famous tourist place…. CONTINUE READING

XOXO: A Confession

We all have stories we won’t ever tell. But, have you ever imagine how liberating it would be once we let that story out into the open? It was February 26, 2009. A year after my college graduation. I had to miss my nephew’s first birthday. It was my flight to Doha, Qatar. I left… CONTINUE READING